Strong Winds Slam BC Coast

Posted by on Monday, November 27, 2017
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A strong area of low pressure that is bringing stormy weather to the Prairies over the next couple of days brought stormy weather to British Columbia also.

Environment Canada says that, "a strong weather system moved across the BC coast Sunday. Very strong southeast winds developed ahead of the system Sunday morning with strong gusty west winds in its wake."

There were some impressive wind gusts:
  • Ivory Island (Central Coast): 83 km/h at 0630 PST 
  • Herbert Island (North Vancouver Island): 80 gust 100 km/h at 0500 PST 
  • Chrome Island (East Vancouver Island): 80 gust 91 km/h at 0340 PST 
  • Saturna Island (Southern Gulf Islands): 80 gust 96 km/h at 0400 PST 
  • Merry Island (Sunshine Coast): 65 gust 80 km/h at 0340 PST 
  • Discovery Island (Greater Victoria): 67 gust 89 km/h at 0300 PST 
  • Trial Island (Greater Victoria): East 83 gust 96 km/h at 0340 PST then west 70 gust 87 km/h at 0940 PST 
  • Hope (East Fraser Valley): West 54 gust 83 km/h at 1248 PST

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