Windy Days Ahead for Saskatchewan. Details, and Timing Here:

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Friday, December 14, 2018
Two Wind Turbines Under Blue Sky

The wind in Central and Southern Saskatchewan will be a big problem for residents these next couple of days.  

The winds will start Friday Evening, into Saturday that will bring a small warm front that will cause the temperatures for Saturday to reach the low single plus digits.  The winds will reach 60km/h. 

However Saturday night into Sunday morning a weak cold front will blow in from the NNW at 60 km/h again, bringing with it below average temperatures on Sunday.   

Thankfully though, these cold temperatures, and cold wind will only be a one day event.  Starting Monday morning, the wind will pick up once more gusting from the south at 50km/h.  This will help the temperatures rise to the plus single digits.  With some areas such as the city of Swift Current reaching a temperature of plus 8, which is ten degrees warmer than the average temperature for this time of year, in this area.     

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