Wind Knocks Out Power on the NE Avalon

Posted by on Monday, December 19, 2016

There are several power outages in and around the St. John's area due to strong wind.

There are currently power outages in effect for Smallwood Drive, Park Avenue, Mount Carson Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, Indian Meal Line, Nearys Pond, Old Broad Cove Road, Park Avenue, Mortimore Drive, Commonwealth Avenue, Whiteley Drive, Westbrook Landing, St. Andrews Avenue, Southlands, Waterford Heights, Westminster, Brookfield Road, Admiralty Wood, Sesame Park, Wilson Crescent, Bannister Street, Dundee Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, Glendale Avenue, Old Placentia Road, Ruth Avenue, and Karwood Estates.

Crews expect to have the power back after midnight.

Wind at the airport has been gusting in excess of 90 km/h at the Airport for the past three hours.

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