Wild Weather in Southern Ontario

Posted by on Monday, August 3, 2015
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Sunday brought some wild weather to Southern Ontario. There were several rounds of violent weather in the region.

Warm air combined with strong upper level winds ahead of a cold front was the trigger of the severe weather. The first round of severe weather began in the afternoon and came ashore from Lake Huron. From there storms moved southeast toward Lake Ontario. This movement resulted in straight-line wind damage. Additionally Environment Canada claims that there may have been some tornadoes with this event.

The second round of severe weather occurred in the evening. Affecting many of the same area as the earlier storms but with the addition of all of southwestern Ontario. Some tornadic winds may have been associated with the evening storms as well.

Most of the severe weather reports were from straight line winds, with many reports of hail ranging from dime to golf ball size. The storms also left thousands of hydro customers without power.

One potential tornado Report near Teviotdale (south of mount forest) around 9 P.M. EDT is being investigated by an Environment Canada survey team today.

Here is a list of some of the severe weather reports received by Environment Canada.


Event Description


Two homes significantly damaged from a possible tornado around 9 P.M. Several Ontario Provincial Police Cars were damaged at nearby O.P.P. Detachment. Downed trees and power Lines on neighboring concession roads.


78 mm of rain

Cove Island (near Tobermory)

Peak wind 104 kilometres per hour (12:32 P.M.)


Peak wind 96 kilometres per hour (5:26 P.M.)

Pearson Airport

Peak wind 94 kilometres per hour (5:44 P.M.)

Oshawa Airport

Peak wind 89 kilometres per hour (5:45 P.M.)


Grand Bend

Estimated peak wind 110 kilometres per hour (near 8 P.M.)


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