When Weather Matches Mood

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Friday, September 7, 2018
Water Droplets on Clear Glass

Fall is almost here, and for most of us, that means shorter days, longer nights, and declining temperatures.

A lack of sunlight can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder. Known as SAD, this mood disorder usually affects people from October through April when daylight diminishes.

Exposure to sunlight is associated with higher levels of spending. Since sunshine makes us feel more positive, consequently, it also causes us to shop more.

When it is raining you level of serotonin falls. When that happens carbohydrate cravings increase and you tend to eat more.

As atmospheric pressure decreases, clouds and rain become much more likely. This reduction in atmospheric pressure allows bodily fluids to move from blood vessels to tissues, causing pressure on the nerves and joints, which leads to increased pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. 

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