Wet Saturday for Atlantic Canada, Flooding Possible

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Saturday, August 18, 2018

A disturbed area of weather will push through the Maritime Provinces today.

As it does so it will deliver heavy rain to portions of Eastern New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and for Northern sections of Nova Scotia.

In New Brunswick the heaviest rain is expected for Eastern sections. In some areas, 50 mm of rain is possible and there may be some areas of localized flooding.

On Prince Edward Island, heavy rain is also expected with 40 to 60 mm possible before the rain tapers off this evening.

In Nova Scotia, areas of Northern Nova Scotia will see the heaviest rain with localized rainfall amounts from 70 to as much as 100 mm possible.

Newfoundland will not see much in the way of rain. The disturbance will pass just south of the island and will likely just clip the southern shore. These areas will see some rain with about 10 to 30 mm expected late today and overnight.

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