Welcome to December!

Posted by Donovan Neal on Sunday, December 3, 2017
Welcome to December, which is also the first day of Meteorological winter!

November 2017 Summary - DFW had the 6th warmest November on record with a mean temperature of 62.4 degrees, about 6 degrees above average. Additionally, we have had the 28th driest November with only 0.81 inches of rain recorded in DFW. The driest November on record is currently in 1903 when no Precipitation was record. 

Meteorological Winter - Some of you have been wondering what Meteorological seasons means. These seasons are based off of the temperature change that usually takes place within these months in the season. For example, today marks the first day of winter, which runs through February 28. Then March 1 would mark the beginning of spring, then June 1 would be the start of summer.

The difference between meteorological seasons and astronomical seasons is that astronomical seasons use the suns location in relation to Earth to determine the seasons. 

Cold? - Yes. A new surge of arctic air is due in the US by mostly the latter half of next week, which would obviously create frost and maybe some snow problems for some parts of the U.S. In North Texas, this will bring temperatures down into the mid 50s for highs and mid 30s for lows. Additionally, an arctic front will bring a chance of scattered showers and storms during the latter half of the week, potentially with some sleet in the mix.

The bottom line is, the coldest air of the season thus far arrives during the middle of next week. However, we do issue a word of caution...

This type of weather typically awakens the “keyboard meteorologists” who loves to post voodoo blizzards that come from a deterministic computer run during the 10-16 day time frame. If you don’t know, most of these voodoo blizzards never show up, and is overall the worst possible way to forecast the weather. But these keyboard meteorologists do it simply for the clicks, likes, shares, and retweets. If you see of these posting these absurd model solutions, do us all a favor, and do not like, share, or retweet. Please also be aware of this before you or your friends post a deterministic model run on social media. Have a reliable source of getting accurate, up to date weather information.

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