Warm Up Through Friday; Mix This Weekend

Posted by Donovan Neal on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Raw, Cold Morning - It's another cold mid-winter morning in North Texas, where temperatures range from the mid to upper 20s to the low 30s.  Thankfully, we should turn warmer this afternoon, with highs in the upper 50s with sunshine in full force throughout the day.
Tomorrow will be very mild; we start the day in the low 40s, then we end up in the upper 60s with some communities touching 70.
Cold, Wet Weekend - This weekend will feature cold temperatures, with a chance of some wintery precipitation.  Saturday will be a mostly cloudy day, we start the morning in the mid 50s, but due to a cold front, temperatures will go the wrong way throughout the day, ending up in the mid to low 30s during the evening.  Moisture will also return to the region, and we will have to continue with a chance of a few showers throughout the day on Saturday.  There will be breaks in between, and it shouldn't rain all day.  If you have any outdoor activities planned, be aware that it could rain off and on Saturday.
Then, as the freezing line moves through during the late evening hours, rain will become more likely with the chance of some of that rain turning into a freezing rain/light snow mix.  This will lead to icy roads where snow/freezing rain falls, as temperatures will remain below freezing for much of the evening and Sunday afternoon.  
The initial complex moves through North Texas during the overnight hours, then a second complex of freezing rain will move into the area Sunday afternoon (Sunday morning should be mostly dry).  I do think some, but not all, of the ice will start to melt if temperatures reach the mid 40s on Sunday.  The bottom line is, prepare for a cold, slushy weekend.
Next Week - The early part of next week looks dry with highs climbing to the upper 50s to low 60s, then rain could return during the latter half of the week.  See the Texas Weather Discussion Video for more details.

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