Victoria Day Weekend Forecast

Posted by Christopher Poitras and Kyle Brookings on Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday May 19th: 
Atlantic Canada will see mainly sunny conditions and below average temperatures.  There will be mainly cloudy skies later in the day. 
Quebec will see a cloudy start to the day, leading to a 60% chance of afternoon showers. 
Ontario will see a rainy/T-storm filled Saturday, with a slight chance of clearing in the overnight hours.  
The Prairies will experience average temperatures, and lots of sunshine. 
BC will experience a 30% chance of showers on Saturday, all while the Northern provinces will experience a mix of sun and cloud. 

Sunday May 20th:
Atlantic Canada will see periods of rain and or showers, with below average temperatures. 
Quebec will see a rainy Sunday just the like the Maritimes, however there is a possibility of evening clearing. 
Ontario will see a very pleasant, and mainly sunny Sunday.  However, the NE corner of Ontario may see a couple of early morning showers, that will clear by the noon hour.
The Prairies will see above average temperatures and a mainly sunny sky in some regions, whereas some other areas will complete sunshine. 
BC will see a mainly rainy Sunday will clearing in the evening hours.  The northern provinces will see mainly cloudy conditions.  

Monday May 21st  
Atlantic Canada will see a 30% chance of showers in most regions however, the sky will clear out for the afternoon. 
Quebec will see a completely sunny sky, some areas might have a windy afternoon. 
Ontario will experience nothing but sunshine! 
The Prairies will experience lots of sunshine and way above average temperatures, with some regions hitting temperatures as high as 30 degrees!  
BC will see average temperatures with a mix of sun and cloud.  The northern provinces will see mainly cloudy skies all day. 

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