Victoria Day Weekend

Posted by on Friday, May 20, 2016

This weekend is Victoria day weekend and many people will be going out for a mini vacation. 

Across Canada on Saturday we will see fair skies across Newfoundland, the Maritime's, Quebec, and Ontario. The eastern Prairies will be nice as well however some thunderstorms may develop in southwestern Saskatchewan. In Alberta there is the risk the risk of thunderstorms as well and some rain. British Columbia will be fair for the most part with the exception of the southwestern interior where showers are expected.

For Sunday there is the chance of some showers across Newfoundland. A low pressure system approaches the Maritime's. Fair for all of Quebec and Ontario. Manitoba will see fair skies and a low pressure system will bring some rain to Saskatchewan and Alberta. Once again the southern interior of British Columbia will see some rain.

Finally for Monday a low pressure system will deliver a lot of rain across Newfoundland and the Maritime's. Nice for Ontario and Quebec. A pair of lows will make the Prairies unsettled. We will also see some precipitation move on to the coast of British Columbia as well. 

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