Update on NL Road Closures

Posted by on Thursday, October 13, 2016

It has been three days since a massive storm dumped over 200 mm of rain on portions of Newfoundland. Some areas of the province is still cut off.

Here is an update on roads that have reopened:
Route 340 - Embree, Little Burnt Bay - One lane open
Route 340 - Michael's Harbour - Open
Route 341 - Brown's Arm - One lane open
Route 3-1-09 - Norris Arm North - One lane open
Route 346 - Cobb's Arm - One lane open
Route 350 - Northern Arm, Charles Brook - One lane open
Route 352 - Phillip's Head - Open
Route 352 - Fortune Harbour Road - Two sections impacted, one has opened, the remaining section expected to open for one lane traffic this evening
Route 360 - Cat Brook - Open with reduced lanes in sections
Route 360 - Conne River intersection - Open
Route 361 - St. Veronica's - Open
Route 370 - Valley Brook, km 35 - One lane open
Route 370 - Buchan's Highway, km 40 - One lane open

Here is an update on road closures:
Route 364 - Hermitage Road - is closed. However, it is expected to have at least one lane open by this evening.
Route 330 - Between Musgrave Harbour and Aspen Cove - Closed
Route 361 - Swanger's Cove Bridge - Closed
Route 370 - Buchan's Highway, near Buchans Junction - Closed - expected to reopen on Friday
Meanwhile, on the west coast of Newfoundland Route 480 to Burgeo remains closed. There is a contractor on site. Work is expected to take 1-2 weeks to complete. There is a helicopter and bus service in place to move residents from Burgeo on a priority basis.

There is still slowdowns between Terra Nova National Park and Badger.

Source: Transportation and Works

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