Typhoon Batters South Korea and Japan

Posted by on Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's not only Hurricane Matthew that's causing tropical trouble.

Typhoon Chaba is wreaking havoc across Korea and Japan.

So far the storm is responsible for six deaths. In Korea the cities of Busan and Ulsan were worst affected, as well as the resort island of Jeju.

At one point the city of Kumejima was was hit with a peak wind gust of 214 km/h on Monday.
There was also rainfall of about 100 mm of rain.

Chaba turned northeast skirting the southern coast of South Korea on Wednesday and unleashing flooding and damaging winds.

There were several power outages and over 100 flights were cancelled.

In Japan wind gusts from 70 km/h to 117 km/h were recorded.

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