Two Tornadoes in Ontario Over the Weekend

Posted by on Sunday, August 6, 2017
Lightning Strike the Ground during Night Time
Environment Canada is now investigating a second potential tornado in Ontario.

The first is an EF-1 tornado. It touched down on the south side of Huntsville at 3:52 PM Friday. The tornado tracked about one kilometre northeastward over land and then for another one to one and a half kilometres over Fairy Lake as a tornadic waterspout. Damage was reported to a number of homes and numerous trees were toppled. The width of its path is estimated to have ranged from 100 to 150 metres with wind strength of 130 to 150 km/h.

An area 15 kilometres northeast of Huntsville near Hutcheson Road and Highway 8 is also being investigated. There is extensive tree damage is associated as well as some structural damage. Timing is estimated by radar at between 4:10 and 4:15 PM.

The damage is still being surveyed and the strength has not yet been determined. 

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