Tsunami in Greenland

Posted by on Sunday, June 18, 2017

A 4.1-magnitude earthquake 28 kilometres north of Nuugaatsiaq, Greenland triggered a tsunami.

The earthquake struck on Saturday night.

Four people are dead and 39 people have been evacuated from Nuugaatsiaq.

The dead were inside their home in Nuugaatsiaq when waves swept the home into the ocean.

The communities of Uummannaq and Illorsuit were also hit.

Nuugaatsiaq is a settlement in the Qaasuitsup municipality, in northwestern Greenland, located on an island off the southern coast of Sigguup Nunaa peninsula, in the Uummannaq Fjord basin. It had 84 inhabitants in 2010.

Tsunami's typically only occur following a strong earthquake.
Video: Olina Angie K Nielsen/Facebook 

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