Tornado Destruction in Iowa on Thursday

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Saturday, July 21, 2018
Photo Of House And Lightning Storm

Iowa was hit by 27 Tornadoes on Thursday, 17 people were injured, and thankfully no deaths.  The biggest Tornado hit in Marshalltown Iowa, that has about 27,000 residents.   The tornado ripped through the town, destroying a over 125 year old courthouse.   Residents say that they were surprised by the Tornado, despite multiple warnings earlier in the day regarding potential severe Storms in the area.  These warnings were issued by the National Weather Service.  

This Tornado clocked in wind speeds at around 140mph (225kmh)winds, making it categorized in the F-3 range.  This year in the United States, it has seen one of the lowest number of Tornadoes, as well as one of the lowest number of deaths related to these storms.   

The SE States are expected to see Severe Thunderstorms with a Tornadic risk, on Saturday.  

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