Tips on Taking a Great Photo

Posted by Carole Chantler on Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Carole Chantler shares her tips on taking a great photo.

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1. LOCATION:  Always make sure there will be no unwanted items in your final shot.  Before looking in the viewfinder, visually check the area around the object you want to shoot.  If you can, remove trash.  Now, while looking in the viewfinder, press the zoom button in and out until the shot you want take is achieved.  Then take your finger off the zoom and press the shutter button.   

2. YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO TAKE A PHOTO IN FULL SUN : According to the time of year, photographing snow or sand on a bright sunny day can be glaring.  Using fog or a sky with thin cloud can provide a sense of mystery to your final photo.  Also time of day might get you a photo of a soft sun or the moon - along with the object you want to capture.  Consider it a bonus that will make your final photo interesting. 

3.  DON'T ALWAYS HOLD YOUR CAMERA VERTICALLY:  Sometimes a final photo may look better with your camera being held horizontally.  The final photo could look scrunched up with a vertical orientation. With a horizontal orientation, you may capture objects that may have been left out when you held your camera the other way. This could make your final photo very interesting in the end.

4.  ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR EQUIPMENT IS CLEAN BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT:  It will be worth the extra work to do a visual inspection of your camera and lenses.  Just don't charge out the door with your gear.   Check all your lenses for finger prints, debris - like grass etc, smudges, any dried raindrops and dust. Also, don't forget to check the viewfinder for the same.  Some viewfinders are not small on digital cameras.  In addition, check to see if the front lens of the camera is clean too. This could really ruin the final photo.  Plus check to make sure the zoom on your camera moves back and forth. Now the last thing check to see if the battery is fully charged.   You can always do this the night before your shot.

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