This Tower is Tilting and Sinking

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Sunday, September 9, 2018

Imagine living in a residential development tower that happens to be sinking!

Once such tower exists, Millennium Tower in San Francisco.

301 Mission includes two buildings: a 12-story tower located on the northeast of the property, and Millennium Tower, a 58-story, 197 m condominium skyscraper.

In total, the project has 419 residential units, with 53 of those units in the smaller tower. The tower's highest level, 58 floors above the ground, is listed as the 60th, because floors 13 and 44 are missing for superstitious reasons.

In May 2016, residents were informed the main tower was both sinking and tilting.

As of 2017, a city inspection has found that the building is still safe to occupy, though there has been damage to the foundation and electrical system.

This week there was a new problem. Residents reported hearing various "creaking sounds". At around 2:30 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, September 8, 2018, residents reported hearing a loud "popping sound".

On Sunday, the following day, a resident located in a corner unit on the 36th floor discovered a cracked window. The glass used in the building's windows and facade is rated to withstand hurricane force winds, leading to concern that the crack was a symptom of a much larger structural failure.

A report filed with San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection says that "The fact that this piece of glass may have failed due to the building tilt may be a localized defect or potentially be more widespread. Further investigation of the building exterior is required to understand and assess the issue."

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