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Posted by on Monday, May 8, 2017

West of Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas there is a blue hole known as Dean's Blue Hole.

A blue hole is a water-filled sinkhole with the entrance below the water level. They can form by rainwater soaking through fractures of limestone bedrock onto the watertable. Also if sea level has changed.

Dean's Blue Hole is the world's second deepest known salt water blue hole with an entrance below the sea level. It plunges 202 metres in a bay.

Dean's Blue Hole is roughly circular at the surface, with a diameter ranging from 25 to 35 metres.

After descending 20 metres, the hole widens considerably into a cavern with a diameter of 100 metres.

There are several fresh water sinkholes on land that are deeper than Dean's Blue Hole. The deepest one is Hranick√° propast in Hranice Karst in Czech republic. The deepest known marine blue hole is Dragon Hole in the South China Sea.

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