Think Your Weather is Extreme?

Posted by on Wednesday, February 17, 2016
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We now have our first look a the atmosphere or a "super-Earth", 55 Cancri e. And if you think your weather bad have a look at this.

The weather on the planet is rather extreme to say the least. Temperatures can exceed 2000. By comparison Mercury, closest to our sun only get up to about 450. So it should be no surprise that the air is dry with no water.

55 Cancri e, is an extrasolar planet closely orbiting its Sun-like host star 55 Cancri A. The mass of the exoplanet is about 8.63 Earth masses and its diameter is about twice that of the Earth. It takes fewer than 18 hours to complete an orbit and is the innermost known planet in its planetary system. 55 Cancri e was discovered on 30 August 2004. 

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