The Peruvian River that Boils

Posted by on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

In Peru there is a river where the water that runs in it actually boils. To find it you need to head deep into the Peruvian Amazon.

Nobody knows why the river runs so hot the water reaches 93°C, not quite the boiling point of 100°C but very close.

The river is quite large. It stretches 6 kilometers long and is as deep as 2 meters in spots, and up to 24 meters wide.

Locals claim that the river has healing powers. They harness its mysterious energy for traditional medicine.

There are other areas of water that boils such as in Yellowstone National Park. However they are near natural volcanic and nonvolcanic geothermal systems. But this river, which lies over 600 kilometers from the nearest volcano.

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