The Japanese Whirlpool

Posted by on Friday, March 11, 2016

A flooded runway following Tsunami | Japan 2011

When Japan was struck with an earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. A really scary photo circulated around of a whirlpool.

That whirlpool swallowed a lot of debris including a boat. Near Ōarai, people captured images of a huge whirlpool that had been generated by the tsunami.

According to researchers, whirlpools aren't unusual after waves of this size.

The geology of the coast usually plays a role in the development of whirlpool's, as was the case of the one in Japan, and the rushing water. Both interact with each other.

A whirlpool is a body of swirling water produced by the meeting of opposing currents. The vast majority of whirlpools are not very powerful. More powerful ones in seas or oceans may be termed maelstroms. Vortex is the proper term for any whirlpool that has a downdraft.

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