The Alphabet Fleet

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The SS Kyle June 2009 in Harbour Grace

The Alphabet Fleet was a fleet of vessels owned and operated by the Reid Newfoundland Company as part of the provisioning of the 1898 Railway contract between the Dominion of Newfoundland and the Reid Newfoundland Company.
All of the vessels were named after places in Scotland.

The ships were employed as coastal vessels to service the remote communities of the Newfoundland and the coast of Labrador to operate a mail and passenger service to those communities.

These vessels became the lifeline to these communities and were depicted in many paintings and folk songs of the country, even long after it became a province of Canada.
The Fleet
A: SS Argyle
B: SS Bruce
C: SS Clyde
D: SS Dundee 
E: SS Ethie
F: SS Fife
G: SS Glencoe
H: SS Home
I: SS Invermore
J: The criteria for naming his ships was that the first letter of each ship's name had to depict a place from Reid's homeland Scotland, they were also to end in "e". For this reason the letter "J" was not used, as no suitable candidate could be found.
K: SS Kyle
L: SS Lintrose
M: The last of the Alphabet Fleet was SS Meigle

The Team

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