The 1775 Newfoundland Hurricane

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Sunday, September 9, 2018
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The 1775 Newfoundland hurricane or Independence Hurricane was a hurricane that struck the Thirteen Colonies and the Colony of Newfoundland in August and September, 1775.

The storm formed on August 29, 1775.

Highest winds were recorded at 220 km/h.

Fatalities ranged anywhere from 4,000-4,163 plus, making it the 8th deadliest Atlantic hurricane of all-time.

Newfoundland's fisheries "received a very severe stroke from the violence of a storm of wind, which almost swept everything before it," Commodore Governor Robert Duff wrote shortly after it struck. "A considerable number of boats, with their crews, have been totally lost, several vessels wrecked on the shores," he said. Ocean levels rose to heights "scarcely ever known before" and caused great devastation, Duff reported.

It dissipated on September 9, 1775.

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