Texas has a Pig Problem

Posted by on Thursday, February 23, 2017

They say everything is bigger in Texas, pigs are no exception.

There are some 2 million feral hogs in Texas. They are eating newborn lambs, uprooting crops and “entire city parks,” trampling across highways and causing more than $50 million in damage a year.

To control feral pig numbers, American hunters have taken to trapping and/or killing as many individuals as they can. Some, in Texas, have even turned the trapping and killing of razorbacks into small businesses.

Legal restrictions on methods of hunting are lax, as most state departments of wildlife openly acknowledge feral pigs as an ecological threat and some classify them as vermin.

Now the government has come up with a way to combat the problem, warfarin. Pigs eat the pesticide. It kills them slowly, often painfully. It’s already wiped out groups in Australia, which later banned the product as inhumane.

Razorback and wild hog are American colloquialisms, loosely applied to any type of feral domestic pig, wild boar or hybrid in North America.

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