Storm Cripples Maritimes, Newfoundland is Next

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

It is a snow day for New Brunswick and on western Prince Edward Island after a power nor'easter blasted the area.

This morning there are over 5 thousand without power in New Brunswick, had 6,100 customers without power on Prince Edward Island, and tens of thousands in Nova Scotia.

Across Nova Scotia some places saw wind gusts well over 100 km/h.

Several businesses across the Maritimes are closed and transit along with flights have been impacted.

On Thursday another low will push through impacting eastern Nova Scotia. This low could deliver another 10 cm of snow or so especially in Cape Breton.

That low will then move toward Newfoundland.

Along the south coast heavy rain is expected with 15 to 30 mm. The rain will begin overnight and continue through Thursday afternoon.

Elsewhere across the Island on Thursday  there will be rain, wind, and mild temperatures.

Western Newfoundland will see strong wind today also.

On Thursday most areas will see warmer temperatures, strong wind, and some rain. This will lead to significant snow-meltand runoff. 

There is a snowfall warning for Red Bay to L'Anse-au-Clair. 15 to 25 cm is expected.

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