Strange New Years Traditions

Posted by on Saturday, December 31, 2016

When we think of New Years Eve we think about fireworks and celebration. In some other countries around the world they do things a little bit differently.
  1. In Denmark for example people save all of their unused dishes and plates and then on December 31 they smash them against the doors of all their friends and family.
  2. In Ecuador they celebrate the New Year by burning paper filled scarecrows at midnight. This is meant to bring good fortune.
  3. Be careful what color underwear you wear in South America. The color will determine your fate for the new year. Red underwear means love, gold means wealth, and white signifies peace.
  4. Hopefully you don't have a headache in Japan. They ring all of their bells 108 times. This is a Buddhist belief that it brings cleanness and good luck.
  5. Then there is the Takanakuy Festival in Peru. Takanakuy is an annual established practice of fighting fellow community members held on 25 December.
  6. In Switzerland they celebrate the New Year by dropping ice cream on the floor.
  7. In Belgium farmers wish their cows a happy new year!

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