Spacecraft Scheduled to Crash to Earth, But Where Will It Land?

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Monday, March 26, 2018
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An out-of-control Chinese Space Station will come crashing down to earth this week.

Sometime between March 30 and April 2 the spacecraft will crash according to the European Space Agency.

The space in question is Tiangong-1, China's first prototype space station, serving as both a manned laboratory and an experimental testbed to demonstrate orbital rendezvous and docking capabilities. The orbit of the spacecraft decayed, and by 2016 China lost control of Tiangong-1.

The sad part is that we don't know where is will land... Spain, Turkey, India, Italy, and parts of the U.S. at greatest risk of being hit by debris. Some of it will burn up coming through the atmosphere.

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