Southern Alberta Floods, Remembering it 5 years Later

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Monday, June 18, 2018
Photo Credit: The City of Calgary

The 2013 Alberta floods catastrophe, started on June 19th  and did not end until July 12th 2013.  It cost 5.5 Billion CAD dollars, and took the lives of 5 people.  

Some of the hardest hit regions were in the Banff/Canmore regions, as well as High River, Okotoks, and Medicine Hat, and the City of Calgary.  The picture above depicts how high the water was at its peak, as it reached the tops of the driving bridge over the Elbow River in Calgary, Alberta.  

The below image shows the catastrophe in a different angle, as the water reached the 4.5 meters in height of the underneath bridge, in downtown Calgary, Alberta.  

Photo Credit:  The City of Calgary

This was the costliest Canadian Catastrophe, up until the 2016 Fort McMurray Fires.  32 state of emergencies were declared, and 75,000 citizens of the City of Calgary were affected, which was the the largest evacuation order in the history of the City of Calgary.  Many other communities were affected, such as High River Alberta, where all 13,000 residents were evacuated.  

However, the sense of Community was how these affected areas got through this catastrophe.  This is where thousands of Volunteers set out to help fellow citizens of their City/Town.   Many buses were set up to help volunteers travel to High River Alberta.  

These volunteers were a great example of how a town,city and or region can thrive after a catastrophe.

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