Solar storm could cause catastrophic damage

Posted by on Monday, November 16, 2015

Back in 1859 Earth was hit with the worst solar storm in history.

It was known as the Carrington Event. It was responsible for generating auroras as far south as Cuba and caused havoc with the electrical system of the time, generating fires in telegraph stations.

The interesting point is that these storm happen once every 150 years on average.

Sadly the next time oe of these solar storms hit earth the result will be much different. Since society is so much more dependent on electronics and technology.

To prepare Earth for such an event the White House’s National Science and Technology Council has released a National Space Weather Action Plan.

One estimate suggests that if a storm the size of the Carrington Event were to hit today, the cost of the clean-up in the U.S. alone would be somewhere between $1-2 trillion (£657 billion to £1.3 trillion) during the first year, with a recovery that could take up to a decade. 

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