Snow Buildup on Roofs A Concern in Ontario and Quebec

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Monday, March 4, 2019

Environment and Climate Change Canada is warning of a snow depth which is much higher than the climatological average along a corridor from northeastern Ontario towards southern Quebec.

Since January, these regions have experienced several mild spells causing a higher snow density, limiting runoff.

This past weekend, the area saw more snow, with additional snow events expected the beginning of this week.

The highest accumulations are forecast for the Estrie, Beauce and Gaspé regions of Quebec.

With more cold weather in the forecast, there will be limited melting. As a result, snow loads are not expected to diminish significantly during the next week.

The thickness and the nature of the snow cover are causing unusual stresses on some roof structures.

The weather forecast for the coming days suggests little changes in these conditions, leading to additional snow cover for the aforementioned regions. Close attention is warranted.

Based on ECCC Data

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