Significant Rainfall amounts over Manitoba

Posted by on Friday, July 24, 2015
On Thursday widespread thunderstorms developed across Southern Manitoba and resulted in some significant rainfall amounts over the course of a few hours.

Generally, most locations in an area east of Brandon and south of Hecla received between 20 to 40 mm of rain. However, several bands of intense or training thunderstorms produced substantially higher amounts. In addition, several reports of strong winds and hail accompanied the largest storms.

Here are some rainfall totals from Environment Canada
Narcisse                70 millimetres
Lewisporte              63 millimetres
Steinbach               62 millimetres
Ste. Anne               55 millimetres
Morris                  54 millimetres
High bluff              52 millimetres
Winnipeg Beach          49 millimetres
Morris                  47 millimetres
Randolph                43 millimetres
Gander                  43 millimetres
St. Malo                43 millimetres
Dufrost                 43 millimetres
St. Francois Xavier     40 millimetres
Winkler                 40 millimetres
Killarney               38 millimetres
Baldur                  38 millimetres
St. Pierre Jolys        37 millimetres
Gimli                   36 millimetres
Portage east            76 millimetres
Somerset                65 millimetres
Narcisse                60 millimetres
Morris                  52 millimetres
St. Pierre              50 millimetres
Starbuck                52 millimetres
Steinbach               50 millimetres
Teulon                  45 millimetres
Treherne                44 millimetres
Selkirk east            40 millimetres
Winkler                 36 millimetres
Portage Southport       76 millimetres
Pinawa                  57 millimetres
St. Claude              50 millimetres
Oakpoint marine         39 millimetres
Schanzenfeld            38 millimetres
Winnipeg the forks      25 millimetres
Winnipeg Airport        11 millimetres

Some hail reports
Holland                 ping pong sized hail at 5:05 PM
Plum Coulee             nickel sized hail at 6:20 PM
Portage Southport       peak wind of 85 km/h at 3:41 PM
Victoria Beach          peak wind of 98 km/h at 6:37 PM

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