Shovels and Umbrellas Needed in NL

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

An area of low pressure brought some snow and rain to portions of Newfoundland overnight.

Today we will see rain for the Avalon and South Coast. Central will see snow transition to a rain/snow mix. The southwest coast will see snow change to rain. Other portions of the west coast will see a rain/snow mix. The Great Northern Peninsula will likely only see snow.

Labrador will see snow that will last through Thursday.

Precipitation forecast (Wednesday and Thursday)




St. John’s

0 cm

5 to 10 mm


5 cm

10 to 15 mm


5 cm


Corner Brook

10 to 20 cm


St. Anthony

10 to 20 cm

0 mm

Happy Valley-Goose Bay

25 to 30 cm

0 mm

Labrador City

2 cm

0 mm

On Thursday we may see some snow squalls along the west coast which will enhance snowfall totals.

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