Severe Thunderstorms Expected in the SE USA Saturday. Details Here:

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Friday, March 8, 2019

Severe Thunderstorms are expected once again this weekend.  This comes at a time that tragically, 23 people lost their lives in last weekend's Beauregard, Alabama EF-4 Tornado.  

While these storms are not expected to be as horrific as last weekend, there is still a possibility that some of the Thunderstorms Saturday, could turn into long track, intense (EF-3 or higher) Tornadoes.  This threat of strong storms are expected to start in far eastern Oklahoma/Texas in the Morning, and track towards the SE states, which will include the city of Memphis, Tennessee in the early afternoon, which is when the greatest amount of instability is expected.  

With these storms, all the ingredients are in place for strong, severe, yet scattered (discrete, and or semi-discrete) storms to initiate.  These ingredients that are in place for Saturday are, but not limited to; strong values of vertical wind shear, moderate CAPE, and very low CIN values.

As reported by the Storm Prediction Centre (SPC), the threats, and percentage of those certain threats for Saturday's severe storms are as follows:  

Tornado:  10% to 30% (enhanced risk) 

Damaging Winds:  30% (enhanced risk) 

Hail (any size) :  30% (enhanced risk)  

We will keep you updated on this situation throughout the day, so please stay tuned!  

Forecaster - Christopher Poitras 

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