Severe Storms expected agian in the Great Plains, and SE portion of USA

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Sunday, July 22, 2018
Photography of Clouds During Dusk

Even more severe storms will fire up in the northern part of the Great Plains, as well as the SE part of the USA.  This will be the fourth consecutive day with severe storms in these regions.   Iowa, was unfortunate to see the devastating effect that these storms can  have on an area.   They had a total of 27 Tornadoes, with 17 people injured in one day.  

These areas will not see a strong Tornado threat on Sunday, however this is always possible with severe Thunderstorms.  The main threats here will be; large hail, wind gusts in the 100km/h (62 miles an hour) range, and heavy localized downpours.    Please always remember that these storms can bring the threat of a Tornado, as well as lots lightning, so when Thunder roars, go indoors!

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