Severe Days Ahead For Prairies

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Severe Storms are expected in the Prairies this week starting Wednesday. 

Wednesday's risk will start in Alberta, and will move east as the week progresses, and will reach northwestern Ontario by Friday.  The risk will be in Alberta and Saskatchewan for Wednesday and Thursday, with regions seeing Large Hail, heavy downpours, and an elevated Tornado risk.  The severe storms are expected to reach a huge area, from Edmonton down to Calgary, all the way east to Regina.  Thursday will have a similar area of risk, however areas in Manitoba including the City of Winnipeg, will see severe storms on Thursday as well.

As the system moves on from Alberta and SW Saskatchewan late Thursday, the severe risk for Thunderstorms will continue into SE Saskatchewan, and Southern Manitoba, with severe storms arriving in NW Ontario late Friday, into Saturday. 

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