See The Damage from an EF-3 Tornado in Texas

Posted by on Monday, April 17, 2017

Photo: NWS Lubbock‏

The National Weather Service in the United States had given an EF-3 rating to a tornado that caused significant damage near Dimmitt, Texas.

The tornado occurred on Friday and was on the ground for about 20 minutes in Castro County.

The storm spawned several tornadoes.

A metal building was completely destroyed and thrown several hundred metres away.

EF-3 tornadoes have winds between 218 km/h and 266 km/h. These tornadoes can cause severe damage. Entire stories of well-constructed houses can be destroyed; severe damage to large buildings such as shopping malls; trains overturned; trees debarked; heavy cars lifted off the ground and thrown; structures with weak foundations are badly damaged.

The population was 4,393 at the 2010 census.

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