Second Largest Meteorite Found in Argentina

Posted by on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A team has found what they believe may be the second largest meteorite on earth.

They made the discovery in Campo del Cielo in Argentina.

The meteorite weighs a stunning 30-tonnes.

In honour of the village of Gancedo that is the name given to the meteorite.

The largest meteorite ever discovered, called Hoba, crash-landed in Namibia about 80,000 years ago and weighed 66 tonnes. Hoba was discovered in 1920 by a farmer ploughing his field with an ox.

A meteor that survives its passage through the earth's atmosphere such that part of it strikes the ground is known as a meteorite. More than 90 percent of meteorites are of rock, while the remainder consist wholly or partly of iron and nickel.

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