Risk for Severe Thunderstorms in Prairies on the Weekend

Posted by Christopher Poitras on Thursday, June 7, 2018
Lightning Strike the Ground during Night Time

The Prairie Provinces are in for a very active weekend. 

Severe thunderstorms are expected across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.  This risk will come with; large hail, heavy downpours, and even the risk for a Tornado.  The Tornado risk will see areas south of Edmonton all the way down south to the Montana border this includes just east of the city of Calgary. The risk will continue into Saskatchewan that will reach the city of Regina and surrounding areas.  There is still a risk in the city of Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg, but it is not expected to reach that far, however these areas will still see Thunderstorm activity.  Not all of these areas will see Tornado activity, rather some will see strong thunderstorms. 

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