Remembering The Atlantic Hurricane Season of 2005

Posted by on Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Hurricane Dennis making landfall on the Gulf Coast

The Atlantic Hurricane Season in 2005 began on Wednesday, June 1 and ended on Wednesday, November 30.

It was the most active Atlantic hurricane season in recorded history with 31 Total depressions, 15 Hurricanes, and 7 Major hurricanes.

The storms of the season were extraordinarily damaging and were responsible for significant loss of life. Total damage is estimated to be about $159.2 billion (2005 US$), and an estimated 2,067 people were confirmed dead.

The season was the first season to use "V" and "W" names, and when the season ran out of official alphabetical names after the use of Wilma, forecasters resorted to using letters from the Greek alphabet for the first time.

The strongest storm was Wilma also the most intense hurricane in the Atlantic basin with an 882 mbar (hPa) and wind of 185 mph (295 km/h).

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