Remembering the 2013 Ice Storm

Posted by on Monday, December 21, 2015
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The 2013 North American ice storm was a severe ice storm that struck the central and eastern portions of Canada, parts of the Central Great Plains and the northeastern United States from December 20 to 23, 2013.

Formed in the South Central United States, the storm headed across the Great Plains towards Canada into Atlantic Canada and northeastern United States where the storm dissipated on December 23, 2013.

The storm produced freezing rain and snow to the affected areas which caused massive damage to electric power transmission and trees.

The storm resulted in 27 deaths, loss of power to over a million of residents and over $200 million in damages.

As of a couple of days ago the Ontario government has finalized 2013 ice storm payments. A total of 58 claims were received and the province says is providing more than 131 million dollars in financial assistance.

The storm produced similar conditions to the ice storm of 1998 which affected similar areas.

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