Red Cross on the Fort McMurray Wildfire

Posted by on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

For over a week now Fort McMurray and surrounding areas have been under threat from a massive wildfire that saw 80,000 residents evacuated from the area. Responders from Fort McMurray and all across Canada continue to work 24 hours a day to protect the municipality from the out of control wildfire.

The Red Cross says that Fort McMurray evacuees will get $600 per adult and $300 per child.

Nobody is yet allowed in the evacuated area. There are still smoldering hot spots along with hazardous materials and downed power lines are some of the dangers that can still be found throughout the town, which makes access to any parts of the evacuated zone dangerous.

85 per cent of the city, including the downtown area, is intact. Only one school, which was under construction, was damaged by the fire. All others remain standing. The hospital was not damaged in the fire but is not yet operational.

The fire is still out of control. The fire is estimated to be 229,078 hectares in size.

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