Records Shatter for Extreme Weather in 2019

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Saturday, February 2, 2019
Black Ship on Body of Water Screenshot

As we close out the first month of 2019 there have been multiple extreme weather records shattered across the globe.

So far this year was the extreme cold in central Canada and the United States. In the United States at least 17 people were killed by the extreme cold.

The United Kingdom is also seeing record lows this week. Some areas have seen temperatures that haven't been felt since 2012. There is also heavy snow across the U.K. causing travel problems.

The snow made if south to France where heavy snow was reported.

In Australia, January 2019 was the warmest January ever. Thousands of animals died from extreme heat and lack of water. There have also been several bushfires in Tasmania that destroyed forest and homes. Adelaide experienced the hottest day on record with the temperature reaching 46.6°C. 

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