Radar Coverage for Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Posted by on Friday, November 3, 2017
Hurricane Maria Federal Response: U.S. military personnel collaborate with NOAA to install temporary DOD mobile radars in Roosevelt Roads and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, to assist weather forecasting while the permanent FAA radars are under repair.
Photo: NOAA

It has been a long time since Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico.

September 20th the area has been without radar coverage since the storm destroyed the radar.

That is until now.

Two mobile radars have been deployed to Puerto Rico. These two radars will assist in providing radar coverage once again until the main radar can be repaired.

The short-range, X-band Doppler radars, along with U.S. Marine Corps meteorologists and radar technicians to operate the equipment, arrived in San Juan by military C-130 aircraft on Oct. 21. After a brief  installation and testing phase at Roosevelt Roads, one unit remains there and the other deployed to Aguadilla, providing radar coverage for both the eastern and western parts of the island.
Restoring Infrastructure to Puerto Rico: Two temporary DOD radars stand watch over Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, improving public safety as the island continues to recover from Hurricane Maria.
Photo: NOAA

NOAA personnel also are working with the FAA to restore communications with the FAA Terminal Doppler Radar at Punta Salinas Air Guard Station, just west of San Juan. The radar is functional, but lost its communication link to the NWS forecast system during the hurricane. 

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