Public Advisory of Black Bear's on NL West Coast

Posted by on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Department of Forestry and Agrifoods has issued a public advisory regarding sightings of a black bear for Humber Valley and surrounding areas.

Residents are advised of reports of black bear activity in the Humber Valley, Deer Lake, Bay of Islands and Gros Morne areas.

Residents are encouraged to take appropriate steps to avoid attracting bears into their communities and backyards, where the animals can pose a risk to public safety. This includes the proper storage, collection and disposal of garbage including not putting out garbage until collection day.

If anyone encounters a bear, they are reminded to:
  • Remain calm;
  • Give the animal space;
  • Back away slowly and do not run;
  • Avoid eye contact with the bear; and
  • Remove any garbage or food that may have attracted the animal.

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