Power Restored to Western NL

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Monday, August 13, 2018

Photo: Newfoundland Power

There was a major power outage on the west coast of the province this morning.

Most of Corner Brook and parts of Deer Lake and surrounding areas lost power. 

Power went out shortly after 10:00 this morning.

Crews said that power should have been restored by 2:00 pm, they pushed the time to 2:30 pm and then to 3:00 pm. Shortly before 3:00 pm power was restored.

A large swath of the area was impacted, there were outages in Raymond Heights, Pinchgut Lake, Massey Drive, Maple Valley, Macpherson Avenue, Irishtown, Humber Road, Hughes Brook, Georges Lake, Gallants, Fudges Road, Confederation Drive, Reid Street, North Street, Murphys Square, Lears Road, Johnson's Avenue, East Valley Road, Clarence Street, Station Road, Brookfield Avenue, West Valley Road, Watsons Pond, St. Marks Ave, Spruce Brook, Riverside Drive, Park Street, Mount Bernard Avenue, Main Street, Lower Town Site, Humber Road, Humber Park, Herald Avenue, Fudges Road, Elswick Road, Commercial Street, Cobb Lane, Quinton Street, Powers Avenue, Olympic Place, Hillcrest Avenue, Harvey Road, Fishers Road, Batstones Road, Bannister's Road, Edinburgh Avenue, Cooks Avenue, Brook Street, Broadway, West Valley Road, West Street, University Drive, Premier Drive, and St. Marks Ave.

The reason for the outage was overhead line damage. The damage was found in a remote area not accessible by truck. 

There was a secondary power outage for Watsons Pond, West Valley Road, Brookfield Avenue, Station Road, Clarence Street, East Valley Road, Johnson's Avenue, Lears Road, Murphys Square, North Street, Reid Street, Confederation Drive, Fudges Road, Gallants, Georges Lake, Hughes Brook, Humber Road, Irishtown, Macpherson Avenue, Maple Valley, Massey Drive, Pinchgut Lake, Raymond Heights, Riverside Drive, Spruce Brook, and St. Marks Ave due to equipment problems.

Power in that area should be restored by 3:30 pm.

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