Possible Tropical Storm forming next week

Posted by James Follette on Sunday, June 11, 2017
Sea Under Blue Sky during Day Time
There is the potential for a tropical storm forming in the Gulf of Mexico.

It will be steered by a large Bermuda High, tracking the storm North East into the US Eastern States by the weekend intensifying by Monday just a short distance of Nova Scotia.

The storm could track up Cape Breton and then making landfall over Western Newfoundland by Tuesday.

Should the worst case scenario take place, which is extremely preliminary, we could see heavy rain, wind and storm surge for all three Maritime provinces.

Key things to remember:
  • Still Way to early, and storm has yet to develop, The track, intensity and impacts are expected to change with better knowledge on the storm as the days go by.
  • Next name on list is Ben.
  • Both the GFS and ECMWF Global models are in an agreement with a Developing Tropical system sometime late next week, and tracking up the North East coast.
  • Have more on this as new model runs come in each day.

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