One More Day of Extreme Heat, Tropical Systems to Follow?

Posted by James Follette on Thursday, July 5, 2018
Orange Fire

After 5 days already of 30+ degree heat, with exception to some parts of the coast being cooler, a heatwave will stick around for 1 more day, Thursday the hottest day of them all where highs could manage to hit near 35 in some inland areas, and lower 30’s closer to towns of Yarmouth and Shelburne. 

Coast and islands will be cooler near 25, with onshore winds, the humidity will still be high pushing humidex values nearing or surpassing 40 degrees tomorrow. Friday is cooler with highs in the mid 20’s followed by low to mid 20’s on the weekend. 

A Heatwave is 3 days of 32 degrees and above, an extreme heatwave is 3 days of 35 degrees and above. 

In the tropics, 3 storms bare watching, Invest 95-L, a storm brewing near Bermuda, a developing tropical wave off the coast of Africa, and another strong wave over Africa that will move into the warm waters by Thursday. 

Invest 95-L has a 60% chance of developing into a Tropical Depression by the weekend, and the first African system has a 30% chance. The next 3 names on the list is Beryl, Chris and Debby.

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