Newfoundland Continues to Clean Up After Heavy Snow and Flooded Roads

Posted by Kyle Brookings on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

There are several school delays this morning in central Newfoundland.

The area was hammered with heavy snow on Tuesday. Gander recorded 37.4 cm of snow yesterday.

This morning roads are icy and slippery.

Meanwhile on the Avalon, heavy rain combined with a well-established snow-pack caused some flooded streets yesterday. St. John's received 12.7 cm of snow along with 33.8 mm of rain.

Some people driving through the flooded streets had to be rescued from the floodwaters.

This includes Cabinet Minister Lisa Dempster, she drove her vehicle through a flooded street on O’Leary Avenue.

On the Avalon this morning roads and sidewalks are slippery. 

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