Newfoundland Cleans Up From Storm Damage

Posted by on Saturday, December 31, 2016
Photo Terry Sooley, Port Saunders, NL

A strong storm pounded Newfoundland Yesterday.

There were several reports of damage.

Two sheds collapsed from the wind in Lark Harbour. Boats were overturned, there are even vehicles overturned and thrown off the road.

Up the Northern Peninsula, traffic was brought to a standstill following whiteout conditions.

Video from Vernon Buckle near Daniels Harbour

There was also damage to some coastal infrastructure in Port Saunders and Port au Choix.
John Smallwood (Viewer Discretion is Advised)

Rainfall Totals:
Burgeo: 38.4 mm
Wreckhouse: 30.8 mm
Bonavista: 28.5 mm
St. Lawrence: 27.6 mm
St. John's West: 26.3 mm
Winterland: 25.5 mm

Peak wind gusts:
Wreckhouse: 176 km/h
Green Island (unofficial): 164 km/h
Daniel's Harbour: 130 km/h
Paradise (unofficial): 127 km/h
Burgeo: 122 km/h
Ferrolle Point: 122 km/h
Sagona Island: 120 km/h
Bonavista: 106 km/h
St. Pierre: 104 km/h
Stephenville Airport: 104 km/h
Argentia: 102 km/h
St. Anthony Airport: 102 km/h
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