New Layer of Earth Discovered

Posted by on Sunday, May 28, 2017

We can take what we know about the layers of the Earth and throw it out the window.

Scientists say they have found a possible layer of tectonic plates within the Earth’s mantle which could explain a mysterious series of earthquakes in the Pacific.

Jonny Wu from the University of Houston presented evidence that there are possibly tectonic plates that subducted into the mantle millions of years ago.

Wu and colleagues also believe they these plate's slide horizontally inside a water layer of the mantle known as the “transition zone."

If this were the case, it may explain a mysterious series of very deep, large earthquakes.

Subduction is a geological process that takes place at convergent boundaries of tectonic plates where one plate moves under another and is forced or sinks due to gravity into the mantle. Regions where this process occurs are known as subduction zones.

Presently the Earth is made up of four distinct layers that we know of:
  • The inner core is in the centre and is the hottest part of the Earth
  • The outer core is the layer surrounding the inner core
  • The mantle is the widest section of the Earth
  • The crust is the outer layer of the earth.

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